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The owner had the audacity to claim my father owed something from 11 years ago when in the recent months he had rented different types of equipment without a peep of an issue. Sorry excuse of a company with no regard for who their customer are. Without even being able to give a straight answer as to what he owed so my father could pay it all they could say is that it was to long ago which makes no sense. But he had just rented multiple things in the last few months without any issues? Keep in mind this place has a security deposit and has your credit card on file Incase of anything. So why didn’t they charge this mystery fee to the card thats in their system. That’s beyond me. As a customer you’d hope they could actually run a non biased business. Owner then claims that it wasn’t that he didn’t like my father or whatever which was completely irrelevant but he somehow felt that had relevance to the whole situation. Accusing customers of anything without a valid explanation and refusing payment of claimed fee just screams a incompetent business. A customer that has done business with you for 10+ years without any issues at all and out of the blue accusation, fees, from over 11 years ago? Yeah that’s ABC EQUIPMENT RENTAL.
Thankfully the incident was recorded.

Rented an Excavator from them. Smoothest, transparent process ever. ABC Rentals has my business from here on out. Great group of people