Bane Machinery Inc – Excavators for Sale, Dallas TX

 Bane Machinery Inc

 2449 Manana Dr, Dallas, TX 75220, USA

 +1 214-352-2468

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Ordered parts by VIN # found that we needed 4 3/4 socket that we did not have, set up for service repair. First tech comes on 3/21 did not bring socket and said we had wrong wheel seal. He returned on 3/24 still has wrong seal. Second tech returned on 3/28 completes job,parts returned for credit still have not received as of 6/6. Total cost to change wheel seal $3603.31 with original parts of $1097.19 making a total of $4700.5 to replace wheel seal,I should have bought the socket!

Stay away if you want to rent equipment or get any machinery worked on, they will do anything to make money. This is a very shady company… I would advise any contractor to run if they see a subcontractor using these people.

This is an up and coming rental company. They are expanding and offer great service for their machines. David Lugo is an excellent tech and by far the best service tech they have.