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I spent 60k on an SK1550 with numerous attachments. The buying experience with Mark Salmon was okay at first but went down hill as time progressed.

After setting everything up with payment, Mark made his first delivery attempt with the equipment. He had the wrong size and brand bucket. Also the trencher attachment was used and a rust bucket. (You spend 60K and you expect your new equipment to be new). Mark says the trencher attachment is just that way because they tested it before delivery. Also, Mark tells me I am wrong on the bucket brand and size. After pulling up my contract and contacting his superior, he was proven wrong. He leaves and has to make a make a second delivery attempt later. Meanwhile, I don’t get to receive the machine at the time because everything must be dropped at the same time.

After finally receiving everything, we start to have issues. Bolts ALL OVER the machine are backing out and shearing off. A few days after having the machine it is the bolts that hold the quick attach plate on. Mark brings out and installs new bolts. A few months later, ALL of the bolts holding the hydraulic pump to the motor are backing out and hydraulic oil leaks all over my clients site. Mark is down the road and drops by. After looking at it, he can’t get them tightened and says he will come back and pick it up to take it to get fixed. He never comes back and never calls or responds. I am forced to load it up and drive it to the dealer. They take them out and loctite them back in.

After all of this, I mistakenly cut into a hydraulic hose on my TR15 trencher attachment. Ditch Witch manufactured this with NON SERVICEABLE fittings. You literally can’t get a wrench to them to take them off. I try with one of my guys for 30 minutes. No luck. I am forced to load the attachment up and take it to the dealer. They spend wayyyy too much time trying to change a hose out. They end up telling me they don’t have any tool to get to the fittings on the attachment that they manufactured in house. They ended up cutting a wrench in half to finally get it done. But to my luck, they don’t have the appropriate materials for the line replacement. They send me to a hydraulic place to pick the materials up.

Just last week, I contact Mark to buy a sod roller. Need it on the fly. Like in a couple days. Mark says he’ll get it handled. 5 days pass and he has nothing handled. I handled it on my own elsewhere.

The next day I find that 4 of the 6 bolts on the bucket have sheared off and fallen into the mud somewhere. I contact Mark. He says that’s not covered. Of coarse it’s not.

The next week Mark contacts me to ask me if I still need the sod roller attachment. Lol I told him I just want my bucket fixed. He says he will have his guy get the bolt size. Three days pass and I never hear back from him. Lol. I match one of the remaining bolts to the exact bolts in stock at Lowes. I make the repair myself. At this point, it’s just comedic to me how unsatisfactory the customer service has been.

FYI, my machine only has 150 hours, has been kept under cover it’s whole life and has not been ran hard by any means for what little hours it does have.

And finally, I accidentally deleted it when I tried to edit it, but on the review I posted a couple days ago, Ditch Witch responded to my review stating they would contact me same day to rectify the situation. As expected, they did no such thing. That’s the type of customer service and follow through you are going to get if you go with Ditch Witch of Charlotte.

Try Vermeer or STI (They sell Toro Dingos). STI has always been amazing.

BTW…. must be her only friends who gave her a good review! She screwed 2 of my favorite ladies on 2 different occasions! She’s truly a piece of work, and lousy at that!!

I went in there because I lost a key and they replaced them for free. Fantastic customer service.