H&E Equipment Services – excavator for sale, charlotte north carolina

 H&E Equipment Services

 10710 Nations Ford Rd, Charlotte, NC 28273, USA

 +1 704-504-2870


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It’s taken over 2 months for H&E to fix my dishwasher that melted from the inside. After this morning it will be the 5TH service call, 5th time ordering parts, and 5th time a clueless worker has told me more parts are needed without touching my dishwasher saying he cant fix it without a screw and washer. I’m better off looking up YouTube tutorials than counting on this business to do their job. This business will make you never want to buy an H&E appliance. Id give 0 stars.

paid them $1400 and its been more than 3 months my skid steer has not been fixed. Ben avoiding my calls is a routine that I already know but yet he was very quick to collect for a repair not done properly. poor service find a shop that honors the warranty or at least someone responsible to issue a refund if fail to repair.