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 Herc Rentals

 901 Westinghouse Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273, USA

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I rented scissor lifts from them several times per year to build new stage sets in our large church auditorium. They delivered and picked up the lifts, and they were always well-maintained. Whenever a lift did have an issue, which was rare, they were able to replace it on the same day!

Picked up a 3″ trash pump w/hoses when I got on the job they never loaded the 20′ suction hose was never loaded and worse than that the motor was not operable as it was locked up. Opened the access door to the impellas and found it was plum full of mud and a few rocks which tells me that it was never inspected whractoren returned by the previous cont

Great place!
I use Herc rentals every chance I get, they’re very helpful and very knowledgeable about their products they rent and if there is ever a mistake or problem with anything they’re always quick to fix it!
I recommend them to everyone who ever needs rental equipment, they have everything!


I’ve only ever posted a couple of reviews in my life but people need to be warned!! I own a contracting company and after having a dysfunctional lift that I spent over $1200 on delivered to site that was overheating, they came out once it cooled to inform me that nothing was wrong when I again repeated that it did have issues. Once the mechanic left within 30 minutes of use it overheated once again and left 2 of my guys stranded in the air for over 2 hours where they finally had to he hoisted down after getting severe sunburns. I called this herc rentals immediately upon them getting stuck and spoke with Henry who told me that someone would call me within 10 minutes at 2:30 on Thursday afternoon, but nobody ever called. I told him it was a safety issue and people were stuck and we needed help fast but nobody ever even called me that day nor ever after that. I left a voicemail after hours and rather than anyone apologizing or anything they had a driver call me the next morning to tell me that he was dropping off another lift. He first leaves the site and doesn’t drop it off then comes back 2 hours later after my guys have been sitting around and drops off a 2 wheel drive instead, which was not.what I rented because we were off road and it gets quickly stuck driving to where it was needed. At this point I send my people home to Columbia after having to pay for a useless 2 days room and board because we NEVER HAD A LIFT WE COULD USE AT ALL, and they proceed to charge another $800+ dollars to my card this morning after apologizing and telling me they would make things right. These people cost me over $5000 dollars at this point, please save yourself and dont make my mistake of going here
Worst rental experience ever.

Major issues with this company.

We rented (2) 60’ straight booms.

First 60’ boom delivered –
Antique Looking
Broken chain
Broken pieces on the ground

2nd issue –
Replaced unit with another one that end up having issues with the basket not turning left. We asked them not to bring us another articulating boom.

3rd issue –
They brought us yet another articulating boom
We had to wait for a replacement.

4th issue –
Hydraulic line busted on replacement boom and fluid went all over parking lot.

5th issue –
The replacement that came after hydraulic leak was a lift that could barely move. Too slow
They fixed it on site after a couple of hours but we lost 4 hours of total time.

I would steer far away from this company.
We lost a considerable amount of time and money and only offered to discount the gas we used from $10.50 per gallon to $5.50 per gallon.
Plus let us keep the lifts to 5pm instead of 7am on pick up day. They owed us this time and more anyways! That was Brads idea of taking care of us!