Langdon Implement Co – Farm Equipment, North Dakota

 Langdon Implement Co

 9346 ND-1, Langdon, ND 58249, USA

 +1 701-256-5275

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The worst customer service ever. Tried to pay in full for a mower, only to have it sold out from under me. I then caught the salesman in a lie, in which all I got was an I’m sorry. I don’t recommend ever doing business with dishonest people. I feel that it should have been made right, even if it ment to man up and cancel the other deal as I tried for 2 full days to give him full payment in which he re assured me that it was mine and I had no worries. Oh well lesson learned, never take someone at their word epically a salesman from Langdon Equipment Larimore, ND.

Bought a brand new 110 riding mower a few years ago. Anthony was great throughout the sale helping me pick the right mower, and the service department has been awesome since then with the regular maintenance and blade sharpening. Will definitely be returning for any other needs!